UK INSIGHT: Constantly Innovating to Meet Your Sustainable and Practical Needs

Posted by PakTech on Mar 2, 2021 2:00:00 AM

Since its very beginnings, PakTech has constantly evolved and innovated to meet our clients’ everchanging needs. Our origins are humble, having started out in 1983 as a small job shop that designed and produced moulds at request. Now, PakTech handles are found across the globe and are helping more and more businesses to make the most sustainable choice for secondary packaging. Here, we will hear from Tom Lucas from West Berkshire Brewery, on why they choose our PakTech packaging solutions to handle their products.


Why did you choose to switch to PakTech packaging handles?

Responding to our customers’ demand for sustainable packaging, we wanted to build a new packaging line from scratch to fit our range of mixed and multi pack offers. We decided to collaborate with PakTech to come up with a packaging that aligns with our brand aesthetically and with our commitment to sustainability.

Which sustainability and practical attributes stood out to you?

PakTech handles are created from recycled plastic. They don’t introduce any new plastic into the system, and they don’t cost us anything in trees. They can be applied quickly and easily on our packaging line without the need for massive capital investment.

While the shift to all cardboard packaging may prevent the creation of new plastic, it is also important to reflect that cardboard is made from wood. Our forests are the lungs of the earth, recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen, and the vast deforestation in the Amazon and across Europe is a massive and significant factor in climate change. That’s why we also need to focus on developing circular solutions that draw from waste that already exists, so our forests don’t disappear further. That’s why solutions like PakTech is a vital development and was the perfection solution for us.


Client Centricity – Key to PakTech’s Success and Longevity

The evolution of PakTech’s products and services have been driven by our client needs, whether for practical or sustainability reasons. PakLock, our newest packaging innovation that was developed in response to client needs, is a prime example. The certified child resistant cap not only keeps cannabis-infused beverages safe from children but it is made with the same 100% recycled and recyclable material that make all our packaging solutions sustainable. The three design principles of PakTech handles – smart, sustainable, and simple – that guide each innovation enables our solutions to meet multiple demands simultaneously.


“Thanks to our drive to constantly innovate, we now produce many hundreds of different PakTech carrier handles for many thousands of different customers in the beverage, food, condiments, oral care, edible oil and multiple other markets for an international customer base,”
says Jim Borg, president. “Our design team works tirelessly to come up with new innovations every week to respond to all our clients’ specific needs while helping them to become the most sustainable as they can be.”