Prepare for growth: Introducing PakTech's New CCA MicroPak

Posted by PakTech on Jan 18, 2023 11:23:09 AM

At PakTech, we design each and every one of our applicators to meet the needs of the businesses that benefit from them. From our largest and most complex machines to our smallest and most convenient, every detail is set in place with our clients in mind. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce the latest in our line of top-quality machines, the CCA MicroPak.


Small footprint, big results


The CCA MicroPak is designed to be a solution for emerging brands and startups, ideal for microbreweries, mobile canning operations, and beyond. The machine is small-but-mighty, measuring a footprint of approximately 24”x18”. It also runs off standard 120V and less than 1CFM of air. This makes it an approachable option for smaller spaces and opens up a huge window of opportunity for scalability without needing a large facility to do so. But don’t let MicroPak’s modest footprint fool you. This machine is jam-packed with intention and versatility.


CCA MicroPak Closeup-1-1


Versatile, effective, and scalable


The CCA MicroPak is capable of applying up to 60 cans per minute and is able to accommodate both 12oz and 16oz standard can sizes. Ultimately, this allows business owners to keep their labor costs low and operational effectiveness high.


Durability means fewer dollars spent


As a standard across all of our applicator models, we build our machines to last. Our applicators have a strong and time-tested life cycle. Some of our machines have been in use for over 15 years. The CCA MicroPak is no different – when you invest in a CCA MicroPak, you’re investing in tried and true durability.


We can't wait to see how MicroPak can scale your business.

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