PakTech is one of 10 Innovative Food Companies to Watch in 2021

Posted by PakTech on Jun 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

The world is growing at a tremendous pace, and with it, there is an ascent in the demand levels for food packaging. With the shortage of resources becoming an increasing reality, employing and incorporating sustainable and ingenious techniques has become the primary objective of PakTech.

Apart from being a progressive company with an extensive clientele base that includes Heinz, Litehouse, Raos, Pace, and Sabaro, among others, PakTech has also risen as an eco-sustainable brand that utilizes 100% recycled plastic.

The deployment of recycled and reusable plastics has revolutionized the food industry. PakTech has been at the forefront in adopting and allocating its resources towards the latest trends in the market.

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With a mission to transit towards a circular economy, plastic industries are experiencing revolutionary transformations. PakTech has integrated a solution-driven system to lead the industry towards a more sustainable approach.

“We are not only excited to be a part of U.S. Plastics Pact initiative in support of circular economy efforts, we are also proud to be amongst an elite group of corporations that look to a common goal of preserving our environment and economy,” remarks Gary Panknin, PakTech’s Sustainability Officer.

PakTech is one step ahead by providing durable solutions that are achieved by manufacturing packaging that is water-resistant, robust, and flexible, which is absent in traditional cardboard and paper-based packaging.


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Aesthetic appeal is at the forefront of a brand’s packaging image. Aesthetic appeal imprints a brand identity, and hence PakTech has ensured that its minimalist designs have a riveting impression without compromising on its goal of sustainability.

It has worked arduously with its clients like Sunbutter to design and pick colors that blend in with their logos and brand colors. All this was done within a span of weeks during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. These intuitive perceptions and timely responses are what make PakTech a highly revered brand in the food packaging space.


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PakTech is proactive in providing recyclable HDPE that is efficient at every level of the value chain and hence acts as a bridge between them. The company has readily accepted its corporate social responsibility by repurposing over a half a billion recycled milk jugs into packaging handles. And when recycled after use, these packaging products can be repurposed into flower pots, composite lumbers and new PakTech handles, adding a multipurpose value to them.

“At PakTech, We are empowered to create change to further the organization and our vision.”, says Brandon Rogers, CEO of PakTech.

With this deep sense of commitment, PakTech is a pioneer in the sustainability revolution, and its recycling drives have created significant impacts on global green packaging initiatives.

PakTech has seamlessly tackled the energy consumption problem and has cut down on its carbon footprint. By fostering 100% recycled HDPE usage, PakTech handles utilize about 90% less energy; it has truncated their petroleum usage by 100% and reduced CO2 emissions compared to virgin HDPE.

Contrary to the popular notions that biodegradable packing solutions are more eco-friendly, people forget to note their recycling potential and emission levels. This is where PakTech delivers the market with its recycled, reusable, and recyclable packaging solution.




“At PakTech, we believe environmentally-friendly manufacturing is the key to a brighter, more sustainable future for all of us.”, believes Brandon Rogers.

All these visionary goals are achieved while keeping the packaging food-friendly and non-toxic.

With sustainability underpinning its whole production cycle, PakTech aims to proliferate its reach in the global markets. PakTech is committed to a green drive that incorporates all the three R’s-recycle, reuse and reduce. It envisions a green and sustainable future and seeks to be a prominent sustainable player in the food packaging industry.