PakTech Announces Pet Industry Launch with New Subsidiary Brand: PetPak

Posted by PetPak on Sep 1, 2022 1:01:04 PM

PakTech announced its entry into the pet industry with the launch of its new subsidiary brand: PetPak.

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As more pet brands are realizing the benefits of multipacking, the future of pet product multipacking is set for exponential growth. Brands will need a way to stand out in the aisle and encourage consumers to pick up their product in bulk with ease. PetPak offers a sleek, sustainable option for pet industry brands using 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic to create recyclable packaging handles that let the product shine.


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“We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and deliver our sustainable solutions to broader industries, and the pet industry seemed like the perfect fit. Say goodbye to the struggle of juggling multiple pet products to the checkout line – PetPak delivers an easy way for brands to sell and for customers to carry multiple products with ease. PetPak brings years of successful industry expertise from parent company, PakTech. PakTech has a strong established portfolio and client base in the beverage, food and other CPG industries and is well recognized for its sustainability accolades. It’s our goal to carry our packaging proficiencies and sustainable advantages to the pet industry and create a future pet packaging trend with PetPak,” says Director of Marketing, Elizabeth Kouns.




With a minimal design that lets the product design take center stage, PetPak will provide an alternative multipacking solution that enhances brand value with a clean, premium look and feel to their products. Pet brands will also be able to choose from 31 unique color options and custom color, allowing them to find the perfect match to complement their brand. This simultaneously eliminates the need for unnecessary packaging that wraps around product detracting from the actual product design.




Not only will products that use PetPak look premium, but their handles provide a customized fit for each product they are applied to, minimizing inventory loss – a common complication when using alternative secondary packaging options. This is a constructive step away from the commonly used shrink wrap, which is a single-use material, obstructs a clear view of the product, and is prone to item slippage. Even worse, cardboard multipack options obscure the product entirely, easily fail when exposed to moisture, and suffer significant environmental consequences adverse to what you might think.

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PetPak handles are made from 100% recycled HDPE, which is the same flexible, durable material used to make milk jugs, detergent bottles, and other household containers. HDPE is non-toxic, food safe, cost effective, and infinitely recyclable. This makes it a superior option for packaging, the planet, pet brands’ sustainability goals and budgets.


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