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As any successful co-packer knows, the best way to grow your business is to offer more services to your customers. That’s why “one stop shop, “complete solution”, and “single-source” are such popular selling points—the co-packer gets more business and manufacturers have all their packaging needs done in one place. Win win!


To be a true one stop shop, it’s not enough to offer primary packaging. Secondary packaging is vital as well. Otherwise your customers will still need to work with another co-packer, and your value proposition will be weakened.

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That’s why co-packers in the food, beverage, and household products industries should consider adding a PakTech applicator to their facility. By offering application of PakTech handles, your co-packing business will become a true single-source option, able to handle every step of your customer’s packaging needs.


But that’s not all. Even if you currently offer other secondary packaging options, there are many reasons why you should consider adding PakTech to your list of services. Here are 4 ways adding a PakTech applicator to your co-packing business will allow you to better serve your customers and grow your bottom line.



Speed & Flexibility

Nobody knows better than a co-packer how quickly business needs can change. You never know who’s going to walk through the door, what they’re going to need, and how long a product will be part of your business. Which is why speed and flexibility are so important, to hit tight go-to-market deadlines and win repeat business from new and existing customers.


PakTech’s MPA (Multi Pack Applicator) line gives your co-packing business maximum flexibility to meet a wide variety of formats. MPA applicators can handle a variety of sizes and case formats, including cans, glass, and PET. Thanks to our proprietary end-of-arm tooling, matching magazines, and operator-selected recipes for each unique job, operators can change between multiple packaging types and dimensions in a matter of minutes. Aligning a PakTech applicator with new opportunities is easy and affordable.


“The MPA30i Flex was designed specifically for customers who need to run a wide variety of products,” said Lloyd McGriff, Director of Sales at PakTech. “Co-packers can easily and efficiently process varying container and case formats with a single applicator, enhancing their competitive advantage. The MPA30i Flex has been extremely popular with customers looking for maximum flexibility and versatility in their packaging equipment.”




Also included: pass-through mode, which allows product to pass through the applicator without handles being applied. This means the applicator can stay on the line even when handles aren’t required, making it line friendly.


Return On Investment

PakTech applicators are renowned for their reliability, durability, and ability to perform 24/7 at needed line speeds. They require minimal user interface and are extremely easy to operate. This, combined with world-class service and support, means a PakTech applicator will deliver excellent ROI for your co-packing business.

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“PakTech offers zero-down financing for all of our applicators,” said Lloyd McGriff. “This allows our customers to improve efficiencies, reduce staffing needs, and deliver a better customer experience immediately. You can leverage these benefits today with little impact to your cash flow requirements.”


That’s why PakTech's customers include most of the large CPG companies in North America. We have a reputation for high-quality products, delivered on time, and with the infrastructure to meet the most demanding production requirements. That means lower operating costs, more uptime, and more customer deadlines successfully met.



As more consumers demand sustainable products and manufacturers move to meet their needs, it’s become increasingly important for co-packers to level up their sustainability game. It’s here that PakTech is uniquely suited to deliver the highly sustainable packaging that your customers (and their customers) want.



PakTech has been a leading provider of 100% recycled secondary packaging in the world since 2012. PakTech handles are made from 100% recyclable HDPE #2 plastic resin, which are in turn 100% recyclable and reusable, often going on to have third lives as composite lumber, flower pots, park benches, or new PakTech handles. We also created the PakTech recycling program to ensure that as many handles as possible are recycled and reused, further proving PakTech’s commitment to sustainability.


“PakTech provides the most sustainable market-ready solutions with our 100% recycled and recyclable handles,” says Director of Sales Lloyd McGriff. “PakTech solutions meet or exceed most CPG/Beverage companies’ packaging sustainability goals. Secure net-new business from prospects who are looking to move off less sustainable alternative packaging options such as shrink film, contour packs and flexible can carriers.”





Co-packers are increasingly called upon to support brand owners in pre-production, which is another area where PakTech shines.


PakTech’s Design and Tooling departments are available as part of your team. Our Rapid Product Manufacturing (RPM) process allows you to be quick and nimble, reacting to your customers’ requirements in days and weeks rather than months.


“Co-Packers can leverage PakTech’s Design and Tooling teams bringing new products to market fast,” said PakTech’s Lloyd McGriff. “Take a product from concept to production quickly and easily with PakTech’s experienced team. Handles, end of arm tooling, and magazines—all ready for your customer’s project in short order. PakTech can become an extension of your product development solutions.”


Access our library of over 1,500 production-ready handle designs, or get our Concept package for projects that require a new design. This package includes 3D renderings of the product and handle, specification sheets, and FEO pricing. Get all this in three weeks or less, and all for the unbeatable price of FREE. Prototype and production design and tooling are also available with quick turns and affordable pricing.


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Level Up Your Co-Packing Business With PakTech

With speed, flexibility, sustainability, innovative solutions, and top-notch ROI, adding a PakTech applicator to your co-packing business is a winning move. That’s what our existing PakTech co-packers have found.


“Working with the PakTech team has been very positive,” said Bill Weber of Sonoma Foods. “Great product and exemplary customer service.”



Now it’s your turn. Interested in learning more about adding PakTech to your co-packing services? Visit our Applicators page to learn more about our flexible MPA line, or contact our team directly at 541.461.5000 or by email at